Twin Calves Galore…4th Set This Year

Twin calves on the rise again, as we have another set of twins hit the ground today.  Amazingly, 8% of the cows that have calved here so far this season, have had twins.  This leads to a variation in our post-partum management routine.

This paddock of oats has now been allocated to feed these 4 cows raising twin calves, with greater nutritional requirements.  Our herd was subject to a full drought feeding program last year when conception took place.

Our breeding program leans towards high-fertility and easy-calving ability to produce animals with the most efficient weight gain for age and high-performance carcase traits.  Our breeding females are run under commercial conditions and culled if they do not produce a live calf to weaning every year, in order to maintain our high-fertility traits.


These calves are by Wirruna Microphone M486.  So far he has had 2 heifers and 2 cows calve with his progeny.  The 2 cows have both had twins.

We usually end up with a couple sets of twins annually, but 4 sets of twins relatively early in the calving season has surprised us this year.  We are enjoying seeing their clean white faces hiding in the paddocks day by day.

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