Breeding Philosophy

Good Hereford cattle genetics are our choice to produce animals with the most efficient weight gain for age and high-performance carcase traits.  Structural soundness, high-fertility and easy calving ability are an essential component in our breeding program.  We aim to produce soft easy-doing cattle with length, depth and capacity.  

Our stud herd consists of 100 horned and polled females which are run in conjunction with our commercial herd.  Breeding females are run under commercial conditions and culled if they do not produce a live calf to weaning every year, in order to maintain our high-fertility traits. 

To compliment our quality resident stud sires, we also use superior AI sires in our annual AI program to ensure valuable genetic improvement. 

We focus on producing cattle to perform well on grass with a quiet temperament, to ensure that they will perform well in any herd under any conditions.  Hereford cattle produce excellent meat quality and are known for good marbling.

Ultrasonic scanning for Breedplan EBV’s and individual DNA testing are performed within our herd.  We also adopt a yard weaning program for our calves to ensure more resilience and be better adapted to handle stress in life and within an intensive feedlot environment. 

It is also a management practice of ours to pregnancy-test our cows annually, following a 6-week joining.  This management ensures our high fertility rates and better genetics remain in our herd. 

“Breed is stronger than pasture”

~ George Eliot