Swanvale Herefords maintain good genetics within our core breeding herd.  Females are culled if they do not meet our high standards for female reproductivity.  Our breeding females must have good udder soundness and teat conformation to ensure the genetic gain and profitability of our herd.


We maintain high-fertility traits within our herd and adopt a 6-week joining period, followed by pregnancy testing annually for better reproductive rates.


Our breeding females are run under commercial conditions and culled if they do not produce a live calf to weaning every year.


Structural soundness is imperative and essential for our herd to be able to walk freely upon the diverse country we own, from rich basalt soils, undulating terrain to steeper timbered country.


Our livestock have held up relatively well despite the drought affecting our region in North West NSW from early 2018 to 2020.  With 2 years in drought, cattle are still in good condition and have maintained their productivity each year during this time.


We have kept our cows at a production level and they have managed to get back in calf and continue producing for us.


We focus on breeding from cows with good quality milk which contributes to their calves early growth figures.  Good weight gain is important to us, as is above average selection indexes.

Their natural quiet temperament and our low-stress stock management ensures the ease of manageability of our herd.