Swanvale Bull Heads to Victoria from Glen Innes Bull Sale

Despite a tough season impacting upon the sale of sires, there was plenty of interest at Glen Innes Bull Sale.  Sales were down this year across the board, but interest was still abundant.

We took our 3 Hereford bulls, prepared for sale and ready for work.  3 bulls on their first outing from our property.  Our quiet-natured animals with length, depth and overall volume.

HAL N718

Surprisingly, although affected by the drought, producers arrived for discussions and to view the sale bulls.  Many farmers were not needing a bull this year, but still wanted to head to Glen Innes for this long-standing bull sale event.  For some, it was a day out, a day off the farm.  But for some, they were out to view and seek future stud bull types of their liking.

We only entered 1 bull in the Single Intermediate Hereford Bull Class which is a very strong and somewhat large class.  Lot 21 was awarded 4th place.  A great selection of quality bulls were presented across all of the classes and were a credit to the breeders.


Lot 21 is a stylish dark-coated bull with plenty of thickness.  We were excited to see him sell to a stud, Nunniong Herefords from Ensay VIC.  As a stud breeder, it is exciting to see your stock have the opportunity for their genetics to be incorporated into other stud breeding programs.

Despite the seasonal challenges, we had a great time away in Glen Innes, sharing the passion of breeding Hereford cattle.  The best part of the annual experience is working with each other within our stud and enjoying the time with each other on the job.

The interaction with the other Hereford studs also makes for an exciting time out.  The camaraderie, the interesting conversations, the laughs and the sharing of skills, is a stand-out within the Glen Innes Hereford Vendors.

Stud breeders in a competitive market, yet so supportive and helpful towards each other throughout the days.  That is what keeps the passion alive!


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