Swanvale Playboy & Phoenix Chill Out at AgQuip Gunnedah

We were full of excitement at AgQuip this year, Australia’s largest primary industry field days held at Gunnedah 20th to 22nd August 2019.  It is one of the largest agricultural events held in the world.

Peter and Karen helped out for 3 days on the Hereford BBQ site along with other fellow northern NSW breeders.  We were showcasing our nation’s best Hereford grass-fed steaks, under the exclusive label Hereford BOSS.

Delicious tender mouth-watering scotch fillet steaks pleased thousands of customers.  Another highlight was the Hereford beef pies and were very popular all-round.  Satisfied customers rolled in and lined up for our quick efficient service.

Herefords Northern NSW Association is a group of stud and commercial Hereford breeders that are passionate for the breed and promote the exceptional Hereford performance and quality carcase traits.

We had the opportunity this year to have 2 of our young bulls on display at AgQuipSwanvale Playboy P871 and Swanvale Phoenix P824 surprised us all with their quiet temperament in such a crowded public arena.  It was their first trip away from home, out in the big wide world.


The attraction this year was having both a horned and a polled bull representing the Hereford breed and our diversity.  Swanvale Playboy P871 is an 11-month-old polled bull and Swanvale Phoenix P824 is a 13-month-old horned bull.  It was great to see the interest in Hereford cattle from thousands of people in the industry, from the community and from overseas.


My favourite experience was selling a meat pie to an American couple that had no idea what a meat pie was.  I had to explain the significance of the Aussie icon… the meat pie.  They decided to give it a try.  They purchased both a steak sandwich as well as a pie.  Interesting conversations with our cultural differences yet very friendly discussions.


It is a privilege to be part of such a friendly, down-to-earth passionate association that support the agricultural industry.  Herefords Northern NSW Association members and Herefords Australia staff had 3 big days cooking approximately 4000 steak sandwiches plus a magnitude of beef pies.  The Hereford BBQ site is renowned for its quality steaks and friendly service.   A great promotion for our industry.

It has been a long 3 days for all of us!


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