Launch of Our New Website Designed With Real Integrity

With digital advancement and the marketing opportunities for businesses, we have decided the importance of a digital presence is relevant in today’s society.  Although relatively new to the online world of business promotion and digital marketing, we wanted our website to be a true representation of our business with a personable touch.

Karen has used her own website design and administration skills to be able to design and launch our new website.  We feel that our website depicts our Hereford stud cattle and our business objectives very well, since we are directly in control of the appearance and information within.

It was important for us that integrity be the cornerstone of our business and digital marketing be just a tool to share our business with our customers, potential customers, our community and beyond.  We believe that business websites are not only for marketing purposes, but must represent the real integrity behind the business, the people representing the business and their fundamental aims and management.


Swanvale Herefords is a family owned and operated business on the North-West Slopes near Tamworth NSW.  Our business is focused on breeding horned and polled Hereford cattle.  Our fundamental aim is to breed soft easy-doing cattle with high-fertility.

Whilst we have been in the farming industry all of our lives, we were originally commercial based.  Since 2005 we have become more focused on genetics in our cattle stud and continue with genetic progress within our Hereford herd.  It is genetic progress that improves the performance of cattle and gives better opportunities to cattle producers.

My favourite webpage on our website is the News tab, where I can put any updated information as Swanvale Herefords is involved in any events or news articles.  If you would like to be informed of our news or happenings, please follow our page by clicking on the button in the bottom right corner.

In this digital era, our businesses have so much opportunity with technological advancement and the power of targeting our markets indirectly and without intrusion.  Our business uses the newest technology of Hereford genomics, DNA testing and Breedplan to better meet our customers needs and beef performance.

Our passion for breeding, using sires with improved genetics, is depicted in our website and our business fundamentals are revealed.  Websites are more than just advertising your business and a promotion of your enterprise.  Our website reveals the people behind the scenes, informs potential customers of our products or services and allows readers to understand the integrity of our business.

SVH logo

We believe digital marketing is all about honesty and connecting with people.  As a stud breeder, our background in commercial cattle gives us a real understanding of meeting markets and putting dollars in beef producers pockets into the future.

We hope you check out our new business website and feel free to let us know if you think there is something more that our business needs to offer our customers.  At this stage, our website is complete but will be added to as relevant news stories and bull sale information comes to hand.

To view our new website, please see Swanvale Herefords.


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