Hereford Bulls Making A Splash

Sunday spent mustering and washing a few bulls.  Since these sale bulls have not experienced the show preparation washing ritual, the time had come today to give it a shot.  It is amazing with such little handling, how these large bulls will stand up relatively well and allow a slight scrub down.  Amazing what a wash can do.

The quiet temperament of Hereford cattle, allows breeders to handle them and manage these new experiences relatively well.  We do not do much washing and grooming at all with our bulls.  Straight out of the paddock, given a quick wash down, then sun-dried before heading back to the paddock, for their first experience.


Norrie’s first wash down done… and dust removed… for now anyway.  A stress-free experience for all involved.  I like that look, as he stood up well, looking back at us, in anticipation of what may happen next.  Peter and Glen checking if the job is up to scratch.


Three clean bulls, ready to head back to their paddock.  Easy to manage and enjoyed the walk, run and play on the way back.  I photographed their clean bodies… as with the dust about, they won’t stay clean for long.


These are 3 of the 5 bulls we will be offering at Glen Innes Annual Bull Sale in July 2019.


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