Hereford Youth Shine at Inverell

This year we were a Silver sponsor at the Inverell Heifer Show and the Northen NSW Hereford Youth Group.  Due to drought feeding, we were unable to get away to attend the heifer show, but we were very pleased to have this opportunity to once again sponsor such a significant event.


These enthusiastic young ones could be our future beef producers and take on agricultural industry careers.  Swanvale Herefords proudly support the agricultural youth of today and are very pleased that the Hereford Youth Committee organised another successful heifer show.


This wonderful event gives the participants the opportunity to learn from agricultural industry professionals, prepare and exhibit animals for parading, judge and compare cattle, improve upon their individual skills, provide support and leadership to their peers.

Swanvale Herefords also donated a stubby holder (AKA soft-drink holder) for all of the competitors showbags.  It is a credit to the dedicated Youth Committee for running this event each year.  We are a proud supporter of Hereford Youth.  Well done team and congratulations to all participants!

Date: January 2019

Photos courtesy of Herefords Northern NSW Youth Group

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