Nature of Drought ‘Versus’ Hereford Nurture

Dust and flies… were the working conditions at the stockyards this week.  Thick dust stirred up at the yards and sticky little flies, as the drought has become all too familiar.  These young calves haven’t seen anything but drought in their short life, from 2 weeks up to 2 months of age.

Despite the dry season, their mothers have managed quite well, holding their own condition and putting energy into making quality milk for these young calves to grow.  Nature versus nurture!  Amazing results!

Love the quiet temperament of Hereford cattle, making mustering and cattle health management so much easier and enjoyable.  There are also a couple sets of twins in this mob, which seems to happen even in a drought.

We focus on using quality Hereford genetics to produce animals with the most efficient weight gain for age and high-performance carcase traits.  Our female lines are renowned for high-fertility and easy calving ability as these are an essential component in our breeding program.


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