A Sunday Wash and Clip

Glen and Kate washed and clipped the Hereford bulls today.  Getting ready for the sale in a months time, they were in need of a tidy up and a clip.  This gives the hair time to grow back a little in the next 4 weeks, ready for the cold climate at Glen Innes for the Annual Bull Sale in July.


After a wash, blowdry and clip, a beautiful bull is revealed.  This is LOT 22 SWANVALE NASH N721 and he is an easy-doing bull and has above average growth traits.  Nash is a mid-maturing bull with the ability to put on and hold weight in dry times.  This bull has excellent depth in his hindquarter and a beautiful wide topline.


The bulls are looking well and we are very happy with the quality this year.  This is LOT 21 SWANVALE EXCEPTIONAL N718 and he is a stylish dark-coated bull with plenty of thickness.  He is ranked in the Top 10% for EMA, Scrotal Size, 200, 400 & 600 Day Weights with high Index Values.  He had outstanding weight for age at weaning with an extremely quiet temperament.


We are looking forward to Northern Beef Week Open Day on Wednesday as well.  We invite all producers to come and inspect our 3 sale bulls, our 12 sale bulls for next year as well as view some of our heifers and cows.  The urn will be hot all day 9am to 4pm with delicious home-baked goodies.  Come and say hello.  We would love to see you.


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