Swanvale Cows Selected for NSW DPI Supergenomics Project

Last week, the NSW Department of Primary Industries (DPI) purchased 11 Swanvale cows, that suited the newly planned Supergenomics Project requirements.  The destination… the Grafton Primary Industries Institute research centre and livestock operations.

The cows were selected for a Supergenomics Project for a multi-breed research and analysis in future comparison of EBV’s.  It will be a 5-year project and will provide informative results for the beef cattle industry in the future.

The cattle details and EBV’s went through a lengthy process of analysis and sorting, to derive at a list of cows that were recommended for the beef proposal.  After being inspected for structural soundness and veterinarian blood testing for pestivirus antigens and antibodies, they were given the green light.

On a cold winter’s day, they headed down the mountain and made their way to the DPI prior to calving soon.  We are excited to have some of our cows involved in this innovative beef cattle project.

The Supergenomics Multi-Breed Project should reveal some great results across the board and we look forward to the outcomes.  The key research and advisory concepts with advanced technology being used, will gain insights and progress the beef industry for all of us.


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