Ribbons All Round for Swanvale

A very rewarding year for Swanvale Herefords, with 4 bulls on offer at Glen Innes Hereford Bull Sale and all 4 bulls sold across 3 states.  Our first year to enter our bulls into the prestigious class Champion Pen of 3 Hereford Bulls (Horned or Polled).

Delighted with the final result, as we placed 3rd with our Pen of 3 bulls which included:

  • Lot 14 SWANVALE PROFIT P832 (PP)
  • Lot 47 SWANVALE PHOENIX P824 (H)

In addition, Lot 13 SWANVALE PHANTOM P811 (H) placed 1st in the Senior Bull Class.  With ribbons all round and favourable results in the Show component, the next day, Sale day would bring the true results.

All 4 bulls sold and now the bulls are heading to different parts of the nation, Ensay VIC, Taroom QLD, and to more local purchasers from Emmaville and Ebor.

Some of our other highlights included a repeat stud buyer Nunniong Herefords VIC, Glen selling his first bull offered (Playboy) and delivered to the purchaser, and conversations with new purchasers expressing their great satisfaction with their purchase of our bull.

Glen Innes Hereford Bull Sale celebrated a significant milestone with the 75th year of operation.  We have been attending the sale since 2002 as a purchaser and our 4th year as a vendor.

We are very appreciative of the people that we meet, the exceptional community members that attend year after year, dedicated purchasers, committed friendly vendors, and many stock agents that support this sale.

A sincere thank you to Chairman Angus Vivers for his leadership and organisation of the Glen Innes Vendors Committee over the last 10 years.  A voluntary, demanding and tiresome role that he has committed to in the best interest of the Hereford breed and for younger generations. 

Thank you to all vendors for the great presentation of their bulls following a very tough season, the Elders team, and to the purchasers and underbidders that support the sale.  Hope you all enjoy a better season and see you again next year!

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