AgQuip Mates Ready For Sale

Almost a year ago, these 2 young bulls were overwhelmed with a large crowd at AgQuip Gunnedah.  Over 3 big days, these bulls were exhibits to view at the Hereford site at AgQuip, the largest primary industry field day in Australia and one of the largest agricultural events in the world.

Bulls exhibited at AgQuip Gunnedah – August 2019

Now they are all grown up and ready for work.  In a few weeks, they are heading to the 75th Annual Glen Innes Hereford Bull Sale to be offered for sale on Friday 24th July 2020.

LOT 15 – SWANVALE PLAYBOY P871 (PP) is a late September drop, solid growthy bull with strong bone and good muscle shape.  He is also Homozygous Polled.

LOT 47 – SWANVALE PHOENIX P824 (AI) (H) is a low birthweight bull with heavy muscling and ranked in the Top 5% for Milk with good Index Values.

P871 & P824 Agquip update

As a seedstock producer, it is a rewarding process to see our bulls grow over the 2 years ready for their next chapter, producing progeny of their own.

We are also offering an additional 2 bulls for sale at Glen Innes Hereford Bull.  For more information and to see photos of their dams, see Bulls For Sale.


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