When The Young Fella Goes Bush

Great to see Glen find a little time out this weekend at the Warrumbungle National Park spending time with his older brother Andrew and girlfriend Kristin.  Farmers are notorious for not finding that time out to reboot the system, but thanks to Andrew they all headed to the Warrumbungles mountain range for a bit of hiking and camping.


Andrew is a keen hiker and loves adventure.  Glen is a workaholic and in much need of some time out.  But he may have got more than he bargained for with the long hiking trails planned into his very short break.  Nevertheless, it was a great weekend for our sons to experience the great outdoors.


And they still found time to relax and yarn around the campfire.  Nothing like a little free advertising from the campsite…


Photos courtesy of Andrew Weller and Kristin Nicholls.

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