Inverell Heifer Show Encourages Our Youth

Swanvale Herefords supported the Northen NSW Hereford Heifer Camp held at Inverell in the January school holidays.  It is great to see the youth of today promoting the beef industry through these informative and educational events.


We took 2 heifers up to Inverell and enjoyed our involvement with this great group of young enthusiasts.  Thank you to Kate Turner and Brooke Garland for taking care of our heifers.  It was a pleasure to see you all enjoying yourselves and learning in the process.

Swanvale Herefords was a Silver sponsor of the Northern NSW Hereford Youth Association.  We also supplied all participants with a Swanvale Herefords magnetic fridge clip in the competitors’ bags.  A great event for our youth.  Great job!

Date: January 2018


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